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What are the phases on the Challenge?


Let’s get back to basics! This phase focuses on lean meats with lots of vegetables. It’s important to give your body the calories it needs to perform, though, so let’s take the guesswork out of it by using our handy calorie calculator. Once you’ve calculated and mapped your total calorie burn, you will know what your body needs to achieve your goals.


By now, your body will be adjusting to the calorie deficit and you’ll start to see results from clean eating. As a reminder, make sure you’re giving your body the right foods at the right time. Discover the power of macronutrients to build strength, fuel your body and achieve your goals.


The Championship Rounds are where we start to make lasting changes. Harness the power of micronutrients to kick your health into high gear from the inside out, including increased brain function, energy and immunity.

WORLD SERIES (15 days)

In the World Series, you will now be looking and feeling great. Ensure you keep these healthy habits for life and focus on what your body needs to thrive and sustain these changes in the long term. In conjunction with the World Series Phase, the 15-Day Sprint is designed to put you on the fast track for reaching your health and fitness goals. Join us for the last two weeks of the Challenge!


Get the most out of the Challenge by treating the Maintenance Phase as your blueprint for life. Maintain the great results you’ve achieved during the Challenge or reassess your goals and set new ones.

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