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What are the phases on the Challenge?

What are the Challenge Phases?

The 45-Day Challenge is broken up into three 10-day phases (Phases 1 to 3) and one 15-day phase (Phase 4).  Each phase has a unique educational theme and health focus, with nutrition topics ranging from micronutrients, macronutrients, and energy balance to wellness topics like sleep, hydration, and recovery. Members will be able to utilize the newly-updated Challenge App as a resource for calculating their individual biometrics, while also tracking their training and nutrition routine. 

Challenge Phase 1 (Spring Training)

The first 10-days of the F45 Challenge are known as Phase 1 or Spring Training. The focus of Spring Training is to establish a daily wellness routine that will optimize training performance and progress. The goal of phase 1 is to break away from unhealthy lifestyle habits or comfort zones while adopting healthier habits including consistent exercise, healthy eating and regular hydration, quality sleep, and stretching and recovery. Mastering a wellness routine during Phase 

1 is key for maintaining a high-level of training and recovery to maximize positive changes in body composition while avoiding training plateaus. 

Challenge Phase 2 (Regular Season)

The foundation has been set and healthy lifestyle habits have been established during Spring Training, next up is Phase 2 Regular Season. These next 10 days are focused on prioritizing quality nutrition. Pre and post workout meals and snacks are essential for fueling workouts, maximizing recovery and fostering positive training adaptations. Upon registering for the F45 Challenge, you’ll be able to access nutrition resources on both the web (F45 Challenge Portal) and the F45 Challenge App. Here you’ll learn how to differentiate between quality macronutrients (proteins, carbs, and fats) from those that should be avoided. You’ll also have access to meal plans and over 2000 Challenge recipes to make it easy to create a healthy eating routine that is geared towards your training goal--from fat loss to building lean muscle!

Challenge Phase 3 (Championship Round)

With a healthy eating routine established during Phase 2, the next 10 days of Challenge consist of Phase 3 Championship Round. This phase is all about prioritizing health and recovery while ensuring a high-intensity of training can be sustained during each workout. Feelings of fatigue and muscle soreness are common when reaching the halfway mark which is why phase 3 aims to focus on recovery nutrition, immune health, gut health and overall mental motivation. Utilizing the Challenge portal during this phase is key for accessing important resources such as articles/videos on how to avoid training plateaus and support training recovery. 

Challenge Phase 4 (World Series)

The final 15-days of Challenge, Phase 4, is known as World Series or the 15-Day Sprint which consists of a series of mini-challenges. This Phase aims to bring together all core concepts learned from phases 1 to 3 (healthy routine, nutrition, recovery etc.) to translate into everyday life. Think of this phase as the final push to showcase what you’ve accomplished during the previous Challenge phases. 

Maintenance Phase

The Maintenance Phase is the interim period of 25 days that starts the day after the Challenge ends and runs until the day before the next Challenge begins. It’s strongly encouraged to now apply the core health principles gained from the 45-day Challenge period into everyday life--hydration, quality eating, adequate recovery, and sufficient sleep. These core health principles set the foundation for establishing lifelong positive adaptations. It’s also encouraged to use this phase as a period of self-reflection and goal-setting-- “what was accomplished during this Challenge and what can I improve upon in the next Challenge?”

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