F45 Challenge App


  • On which devices will the app be available?
  • Is there a LionHeart feature integrated into the at-home workouts?
  • Will the F45 Challenge App, on-demand workouts, and 45-day Challenges be available in different languages?
  • What is the difference between a 'member' and a 'subscriber'?
  • I accidentally selected the wrong F45 Studio. Can the studio be changed?


  • Who has designed the on-demand at-home workouts?
  • When is the daily workout updated on the app?
  • Are the on-demand workouts just as effective as in-studio workouts?
  • What workouts are available on the app?
  • What equipment do I use for at-home "weighted" workouts?
  • Are there age limitations for the F45 on-demand workouts?


  • What do I get access to if I register for the F45 Challenge app?
  • Will a F45 Studio free trial include access to the app?
  • How can I become an F45 studio member?
  • I no longer want to subscribe to the F45 Challenge App


  • How long is the access or subscription if I am a member?
  • Is the app free for F45 members?
  • If I paused my membership, can I still access the at-home workouts?
  • When my F45 Studio re-opens, can I still access the app for free?
  • I want to cancel my F45 Studio Membership
  • How quickly will F45 remove access to the app if I cancel my membership?


  • How do I reset my password?
  • My Email Address is not recognized
  • Why can't I access the workouts?
  • Can I watch the on-demand workouts on a TV screen?
  • I am having trouble logging in to the F45 Challenge app.
  • I am having trouble linking my F45 Studio membership in the TRAIN tab.